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it’s 2014 why do printers still sound like you’re sacrificing your first born child to the aztec gods

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Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he callin’ me NyQuil William Shakespeare (via camerongermain)

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sometimes i’ll have loads of money and then other times i’ll be awake

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do you ever think about what your traits would be if you were a sim


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ive seen a lot of stock images but this is just getting out of hand

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Meet Kai

Kai’s dream vacation probably consists of crackers, cartoons, and cars. Her mom is pretty excited that the Holiday Inn® Resort Lake George - Turf is new, affordable, and kid friendly.

Photo by @scottborrero

See more from Scott’s journey.

This little girl is too cute.

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That mother fucker is so cute it looks animated

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"I looked at my hand and my little finger was gone – the bone was sticking out. It’s the weirdest feeling; one second you’re fine and your little finger is there, and the next second it’s gone. It shoves reality up your backside. I was in so much pain and shock that the first thing that hit my head was the beat and the bass. The bass was hard, so I just ripped off my top, wrapped it around my finger and tied it up as tight as I could and skanked it out for half an hour. My mentality was, ‘I’ve only been here for an hour, I’ve paid £10 for this night, I’ve lost my little finger – am I seriously going to go? Nah, I’m going to skank until I can’t skank any more.’ After that, my mate dragged me down to the paramedics."

Friends later told him that a “bunch of stoners found [his] little finger and were playing catch with it.”

now THAT’S what i call a party

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Kanye; my favorite celebrity on earth, lmao.

i dont care if its fake, I want this on my blog

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@frabrizio22 with a killer #Nugmag shot of the #619AnimalCookies #nugmagazine #sandiego